On Nov 11, 2019, the well-known Italian eyewear group DE RIGO held a new product launch conference for the Swiss luxury Chopard in the Florentina Italian restaurant in .

Hidden in the quiet corner of Beijing’s bustling district, the Florentina restaurant is designed by the famous designer Emma Maxwell. It is full of artistic flavor and makes people feel like they are in the distant “City of Art” Florence. Because of the relationship between the boss Li Yapeng, of course, it is also a popular place for celebrities to meet.

In this elegant atmosphere, Swiss luxury brand Chopard (Chopard) brings a new autumn and winter 2019 eyewear series, staged a luxury revival in Feicui.

This new product released a total of three major men’s series, three major women’s series, covering 14 sunglasses and 19 optical frames.

Classic and elegant men’s collection

The men’s collection covers three major series: the CLASSIC RACING series is built with racing tire details; the LUC series is inspired by the classic LUC watch series and designed for elegant gentlemen; the CLASSIC ACCESSORIES series highlights the ingenuity and details of the details Exquisite.

Among them, Chopard’s 2019 limited edition sunglasses (model: SCHD38V) specially created for Mille Miglia racing are eye-catching. The round temple design is inspired by the combination of racing tires and the Mille Miglia racing watch series. Three-ring rubber decoration represents speed and passion.

The Mille Miglia antique car race started in 1927 and has the reputation of being “the world’s most beautiful antique car race.” Chopard has reached a strategic partnership with Mille Miglia since 1988. In addition to launching the Mille Miglia limited edition watch series, it also introduced limited edition men’s sunglasses inspired by watch design, demonstrating the brand’s pursuit of speed and passion.

Luxury eye-catching women’s collection

The women’s collection covers three major series. The HIGH JEWELRY series uses precious materials and gorgeous atmosphere; the IMPERIALE (Queen) series fully reflects the urban queen style. HAPPY DIAMOND (happy diamond) series, fashionable and young yet romantic;

Chopard 2019 Fall Winter New Women’s Image

The image poster ladies sunglasses (model: SCHD48S) are inspired by the red carpet series specially designed by Chopard Fine Jewelry for the Cannes Film Festival. The lenses are decorated with gold palm leaf patterns. , Exudes the shining confidence and charm on the red carpet.

The design inspiration of Chopard glasses released this time all comes from Chopard jewelry and watches. Designers take inspiration from bright and luxurious jewelry and classic elegant watches, apply them to the design of eyewear series, and use precious materials with a century-old originality Craftsmanship creates Chopard glasses.

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