This is the second time has postponed the in six months.

2019/20 Early Autumn Advanced Craft Workshop Series Photo Credit: Francois Durand / New York Times
With the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, more and more luxury brands have begun to adjust their activities.

According to the BoF Business Review news, CHANEL was originally planned to hold the 2019/20 Early Autumn Advanced Handicraft Series remakes in and respectively at the end of May and early June, but considering the current situation and following the guidance of relevant

Chinese departments, CHANEL Decided to postpone the show until the appropriate time later.

CHANEL decides to postpone a fashion show
CHANEL decides to postpone a

The CHANEL 2019/20 Advanced Handicraft Workshop series was originally released in Paris in December 2019. This is the first advanced handicraft show of CHANEL creative director Virginie Viard since taking office. The show was named “31 Paris-Campon Street” to trace the history of the founder of the brand founder Gabrielle Chanel in his residence at 31 Campon Street in Paris.
For CHANEL, running shows around the world was originally a tradition. 2020 is the 19th year of CHANEL’s Advanced Handicraft Workshop. In the past ten years, CHANEL has traveled from Rome to Shanghai and other cities around the world to create ready-made garments close to high standards according to local culture and brand-protected craftsmanship.

With becoming the world’s largest luxury market, more and more luxury brands are keen to host a remake show in , and CHANEL is one of them. By re-hosting the big show in , luxury brands can promote a series of activities locally, and also allow the local media and customers who did not participate in the original release to experience the big show again. In 2019, brands such as Fendi and have held remake shows in .

Holding a replica show can bring real benefits to the brand. According to the BoF Fashion Business Review report, after CHANEL held a high-end handmade workshop remake show in Seoul in 2019, the brand ushered in the best clothing in Korea’s history.
But starting in 2019, CHANEL’s plan to host a remake in China has been a bit bumpy.

CHANEL decides to postpone a fashion show
CHANEL decides to postpone a fashion show

In July 2019, CHANEL announced that it would reappear the 2020 Early Spring Holiday Series launch event at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong on November 6, which was Viard’s first show after taking office. Affected by protests and violent actions in Hong Kong, CHANEL decided in September to delay the Hong Kong show. Now, CHANEL has again delayed the Beijing show.

In fact, the fashion events originally scheduled to be held in China in recent months face the risk of delays. In addition to CHANEL, Shanghai Fashion Week was also affected by the epidemic and postponed the 2020 autumn and winter fashion week originally scheduled to be held on March 26. Also, cooperation exhibitions such as its emerging designer platform Labelhood, Shitang Showroom, and Ontimeshow have also been postponed together.

However, CHANEL’s remake show will not be completely postponed, and the London remake show planned by the brand in early June will continue to advance.

CHANEL has recently attached great importance to the London market. In September 2018, CHANEL decided to relocate most of its international business units that were originally in New York to London. The company said this was an attempt to simplify and optimize the organizational structure of the company.

At present, CHANEL is also working to fight the epidemic in its way. It is reported that CHANEL has decided to donate RMB 10 million to support the epidemic.