CELINE pioneered the overseas version of .

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For so many years, supermodels or big stars have appeared in campaigns for luxury brands. Even KOLs with millions of fans can only appear in the brand’s offline activities, and cannot become the “representative” of the brand when facing the public. But this situation is changing.

French luxury brand CELINE has recently launched an 18-year-old influencer advertising campaign. His name is Noen Eubanks. He is a popular figure on the overseas version of Tik Tok. He has more than 7 million followers. His content is often viewed with tens of millions of views.

Eubanks wore a CELINE leather jacket in the CELINE blockbuster, exposing the sharply defined abs. In the lens of CELINE creative director , he has a high-level face that is no different from a supermodel and a star. CELINE calls him “Teen Idol”.

This is completely different from his usual image. On his social media, he is always dyed with various exaggerated hair colors, painted with strong makeup, and has a “feeling sick”. This is very similar to Hedi Slimane’s style. It turns out that when he puts on the “CELINE face” and appears in the advertisement, it is indeed not inconsistent.

Internet celebrities that can be selected by luxury brands have their advantages. Eubanks is indeed very popular now. It has only been a year since he turned from an ordinary person into a Tik Tok head celebrity. In October this year, he just signed a cooperation agreement with Generation Z entertainment channel Kyra TV, which produces young people’s favorite programs for platforms such as YouTube. , And build matchmaking for cooperation between celebrities and brands.

This is the first case of a Tik Tok celebrity working with a luxury brand. Now that the overseas version of Tik Tok has broken the dimension, it seems that it is not too far away from the collaboration between Chinese Tik Tok Reds and .

Regardless of whether the work on Tik Tok is “earthy” or “insignificant”, the logic of cooperation between luxury brands and Tik Tok native celebrities may be simple-profit-oriented short videos.

As the most popular short video application in young people’s in 2018 and 2019, the data disclosed by Tik Tok officially shows that among the daily users who broke 100 million, most are between the ages of 24 and 30. Where the traffic is, ads go. Now you can see the shopping function between Tik Tok and the e-commerce platform. Users and merchants have naturally associated with this type of content platform with shopping.

Internet celebrities naturally will not waste their popularity in vain and have begun to bring goods and open stores. But at the moment, the vast majority of net domestic vibrato red and luxury brands is difficult to catch the words, even if there is cooperation, but also to promote Cosmetics based, or offline activities to show his face to the brand.

It is very easy to find a celebrity with Noen Eubanks’s popularity on the domestic vibrato. The threshold may be popular but has always been cautious luxury brand vision is still very high. Now, the luxury brand in domestic advertising is still the main vibrato.

August 2018, became the first settled vibrato luxury brands. posted videos and other brand ambassadors shooting, Dior Artist Series blockbusters and Tokyo video.

and did not open official accounts. Instead, they chose to publish promotional videos of Chanel J 12 watches and Summit 2 respectively on the official Tik Tok account, reaching users through a more roundabout way.

Since vibrato gets more accurate positioning push, average page views that are available, like the number of points and comments are also higher than the amount posted video brand in the official account.

Before Christmas last year, Louis Vuitton put three kinds of ads: static, video opening page and information flow in Tik Tok at a stretch, all with the theme of Christmas, and clicking on the ads led to the purchase page.

Many users are afraid to even really believe LV vibrato playing advertising, have commented “OK official right”, “LV also used to advertise it,” there are a lot of people said, “the ad looks great.”

A source revealed, LV vibrato put that time in the opening screen of the video ad CTR (click-through rate) exceeds 10%, the data stream advertising is better than the industry average.

The luxury brand promotion strategy for the current vibrato is already a kind of open mind shift.

The main path of China to buy luxury goods consumer groups is the “buy online and research + line (ROPO)”, BCG report shows that 58% of the consumption of luxury goods has been carried out by the ROPO path of total consumption as much. This means that consumers in the digital age are likely to see a video because of vibrato and desire to buy.

Can be expected, when the lead CELINE made a breakthrough in the overseas edition vibrato, the future will have more luxury brands to consider and vibrato Reds cooperation.