On September 7, 2019, Shanghai—Italian women’s clothing MAX & Co., Affiliated with the MAX MARA group, held a new fall-winter 2019 launch event at the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. The theme of the warm red tone is a dynamic veil for the conference site, and it is the first time to echo the brand’s new visual image. The red tone is full of enthusiasm, representing the gorgeous innovation with infinite possibilities and passion. The enthusiastic enthusiasm is like the charming temperament of the brand-inspired muse. They are every vivacious, bright and elegant contemporary fashionable woman, like a gentle but bright red.

With the advancing of the times, the recognition of is constantly being given new meaning, and the brand LOGO has also enabled a brand-new angle design at the same time. The angle between MAX and & Co. This implies the more complex and diverse female aesthetics. MAX represents the brand’s fashionable personality as always and the 90-degree angle of & Co. It is just like a feminine and gentle gesture. Today, street dress and high-end design are full of flowers, and the new MAX & Co. Will be committed to creating a high-end trend attitude, taking into account the needs of aesthetics and practical wear, and constantly make new attempts, using bright colors and fashionable matching Come and meet the multifaceted life of each inspirational muse.

Under the new brand positioning, MAX & Co.2019 autumn and winter collection draws inspiration from different fashion style elements. Each item is based on the Italian fashion concept of “ben vesture”, which aims to create craftsmanship for modern women. Sophisticated, easy-to-wear clothing that helps them create sophisticated shapes. MAX & Co. Takes nature as the source of inspiration, bold and unexpected color matching, highlighting interesting prints and vivid brand logos. Sleek, tailored lines are balanced with light, sporty elements such as branded LOGO T-shirts and stylish sneakers. The 2019 autumn and winter series adhere to the design concept of flexible and versatile, with the casual and free diversified wear style as the core, showing charming charm while focusing on practical functions. Colorful suits, casual day and night jumpsuits that can switch between work and leisure occasions, skirts that can be used for formal dinners and weekend carnivals at the same time, the double-sided and transformable clothing vividly explain the changing mix and match the spirit of the autumn and winter series.

A total of 36 sets of vibrant clothing for the MAX & Co. 2019 autumn and winter series were displayed at this new product launch. The bold and striking contrasting colors were matched with casual silhouette suits. The high-waisted trousers and skirts were eye-catching, giving professionals wear a new look. The charm of the widely sought-after Runaway coat has returned gorgeously, becoming a new member of the brand’s permanent collection. Loose long straight cut, an unparalleled touch of delicate wool fabric, classic design with lining, no buttons, and belted waistband. While releasing the timeless charm of the style, it still has a colorful modern style. The new T-shirt interprets the LOGO craze in a surprisingly modern style, opening a new chapter in brand history; fashion accessories reinterpret sports and leisure styles and glowing charm; the lightweight Pillow handbags and Oya sneakers subtly combine fashion style with flexible and practical Features.

MAX & Co. Holds new autumn and winter
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