Last Friday, the Spanish luxury Loewe, a subsidiary of Group, was criticized for selling clothing similar to the Holocaust uniforms. The has issued an apology statement on its official Instagram account last Friday, saying that related products have been removed from the official website.

Spanish-based luxury brand Loewe sold the outfit in the William De Morgan capsule collection, launched on November 14, inspired by 19th-century British potters.
Diet Prada, an Instagram account called Police, said: “it’s similar to the concentration camp uniform worn by the victims of the Holocaust, and it also has vertically striped buckle shirts and matching pants.”

Loewe issued an apology through the brand’s Instagram account and has removed the products from its website.

 Loewe immediately withdraws and issues apology statement for new series similar to concentration camp uniforms

The statement reads: “A set of clothing in the William De Morgan collection we are launching may be misunderstood as one of the ugliest moments in human history. This is not our intention, and we once again express our sincere apologies. “
This is not the first time a brand has come under fire for selling clothing reminiscent of the Holocaust.
Zara, also in Spain, apologized for selling a striped t-shirt printed with yellow stars in 2014, which also resembled a uniform worn by Jewish prisoners.

The company has said that the shirt was inspired by “the stars of the classic Western movie” The Sheriff “, but it was taken off the shelves a few hours after it went on sale.