According to the “Women’s Wear Daily” news, because France is about to usher in a national strike on December 5, decided to advance the early autumn high-end handmade workshop show originally scheduled for December 5 to December 4.

CHANEL 2020 Early Spring Holiday Series Photo Credit- CHANEL

CHANEL 2020 Early Spring Holiday Series Photo Credit- CHANEL

According to the French media, The Local, the purpose of the French strike and protests on December 5 was to protest the reform of the pension system of French President Macron. At present, the groups identified to join the strike include railway workers, public transport workers, and French aviation ground staff. Staff, teachers, postal staff, etc.

 Image credit: The Local

Strikes at public transport workers in Paris could paralyze traffic, preventing guests from the CHANEL show. Many editors might have missed CHANEL’s early autumn show because they wanted to participate in the early autumn men’s show held by on December 3 in Miami, USA.

CHANEL Fall Winter 2019 Haute Couture Photo Credit- CHANEL

CHANEL Fall Winter 2019 Haute Couture Photo Credit- CHANEL

This is obviously what CHANEL does not want to see. The CHANEL 2019/20 Advanced Craft Workshop series is of great significance to the , because it will be the first independent high-quality craft workshop series created by CHANEL’s new artistic director Virginie Viard. Former CHANEL art director died of illness in Paris on February 19 at the age of 85. Viard, later known as “Lagerfeld’s closest collaborator”, became his successor.

Previously, Viard’s independent design of early spring vacation series, autumn and winter couture series and spring and summer ready-to-wear series has received a lot of positive feedback. If the high-end handmade workshop series is well received, Viard’s position will be more stable.

 CHANEL 2020 Early Spring Holiday Series Photo Credit: CHANEL

 CHANEL Fall / Winter 2019 Haute Couture Photo Credit: CHANEL

CHANEL has launched the Haute Couture series since 2002. This series released every December is a high-end ready-to-wear collection independent of Paris Fashion Week. Each year, CHANEL selects a city with a past or present relationship with the brand as the theme. In 2018, CHANEL chose New York, USA. Previously, the brand had also visited Tokyo, Japan, Monte Carlo, Monaco, , England, Moscow, Russia, Shanghai, , Istanbul, Turkey, Mumbai, India, Salzburg, Austria, and other cities.

As CHANEL began to pay more attention to the value added by Paris to the brand, the brand decided to bring the early autumn show back to Paris. Since February 2018, CHANEL has become the exclusive private sponsor of the “Royal Show” Paris Grand Palace and promised to provide 25 million euros to the project. The early autumn show also chose to be held at the Grand Palace in Paris.

This is not the first time CHANEL has rescheduled a this year.

In July 2019, CHANEL announced that it would reappear the 2020 early spring vacation show at the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong on November 6. However, in early September, CHANEL told Interface News that based on the current situation, the company decided to postpone the fashion event originally scheduled for November in Hong Kong to a more appropriate time. The 2019/20 early spring vacation series will be launched at the CHANEL boutique in Hong Kong on November 6 as originally planned.

In addition to CHANEL, Dior also advanced the big show this year. During the Paris Men’s Wear Week in January 2019, due to the ongoing “yellow vest” movement in Paris, Dior advanced the men’s wear show originally scheduled for January 19 to January 18.