It’s almost the end of the year! I know many people are eager to try and buy new equipment for themselves. After struggling with many new bags this year, I aimed at this one: 19 Bag!

Chanel 19 Bag is another bag created by Chanel that “adopts the classic naming method of the ”. “19” represents the year of its birth in 2019, just like the 2.55 launched by Ms. Chanel in February 1955.

2019 Fall/Winter Paris Week Runway CHANEL 222

The new member of the Chanel handbags family this year is from the 2019/20 high-end ready-to-wear collection. It is also a bag designed and created by Carl Lagerfeld and Virginie Via.

2019 Fall/Winter Runway CHANEL 222

In the autumn and winter series, 19 Bag adopts the main color of the season, in addition to the timeless black, beige and white, there are a quite bright turquoise green and green models. The main push 19 Bag uses black and white and beige black houndstooth pattern, the same fabric used in the show Look.