Sure, ’s thick animal skin flap luggage square measure icons in their terribly title, however the Parisian luxury whole has additionally been notable for its humourous, limited-edition accessories that square measure discharged specifically for the season over the years. made of materials like acrylic, lucite, polymethyl methacrylate or rosin, these natural event items usually don’t build a come when the season is completed, that solely adds to their attract and charm.

Some of the key items in recent years embody the automaton Minaudière for Spring-Summer 2017, one that tied in with its knowledge centre-themed assortment, in conjunction with the instrumentality Clutch that was a fitting tribute to the Metiers d’Art 2018 assortment that was command within the port town of metropolis.

Spring-Summer 2019 CHANEL Fashion collection Beach Ball Minaudiere

CHANEL Fashion collection Beach Ball Minaudiere

This year, for Spring-Summer 2019, Chanel has discharged the ball Minaudière, a fun piece that comes in Red/Turquoise/White/Yellow or clear thin versions in Navy Blue/White/Yellow or Pink/Turquoise/White. With a diameter of fourteen.5cm, the superbly spherical bag opens via the CC clasp (much sort of a beloved Pokéball) that won’t precisely store a lot of, however is otherwise excellent for all of your beach-related OOTDs or as a fun heirloom that creates for an excellent speech starter.

If you’d prefer to take it out with you on your daily adventures, Chanel has equipped the bag with its signature leather-weaved chain that you’ll sling over the shoulder (though you continue to ought to watch out with it because the bag is absolutely made from resin). Priced at SGD18,840 (yes, you’re reading it right), this can be not for the faint-hearted however really a collector’s piece in restricted quantities.